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Are you missing our newsletters? - Please, update your LEFA redirection!

  • Do not forget to forward your HBS Lifetime E-Mail Forwarding Address (HBS LEFA) to a valid e-mail address:

    Your LEFA is a service from HBS and grants access to various services from HBS as well. Therefore it has to be managed directly at HBS.
    Updating your e-mail contacts in our members database has no effect related to our HBSA newsletters and other information sent to you from HBS or HBSA of Germany e.V. - All this is sent to your LEFA - except a very few cases and only possible for non-alumni.

  • Your LEFA is forwarded to a valid address, but you are still missing our news?
    We also have deleted several e-mail addresses from our mailing lists which were continously bounced over a longer time.
    If in doubt write us an e-mail!

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