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Why should I become a member of the HBS Association of Germany e.V.?

  1. Take part in our annual national and special regional business and private events, e.g. skiing week-end in Kitzbühel in February, a planned meeting with the U.S. Ambassador to Germany in spring, Rheingau week-end in autumn.
  2. Profit from reduced fees for our events, special fees for the worldwide HBS GLF and special rates at selected Harvard Clubs worldwide.
  3. Search in our Alumni Database for business and private contacts!
  4. Get our HBSA Newsletter!
  5. Stroll through the galleries of past events and save all pictures to your harddisk!

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I'm just a member of a regional Harvard Club. So, am I automatically a member of the HBS Association of Germany e.V.? - What are the differences?

HBS Association of Germany e.V. is the national organization for all Alumni of the Harvard Business School in Germany.
HBS "Clubs" (e.g. the Harvard Club Rhein-Main) are regional organizations which are also open for all other faculties.
You should also become a member of HBS Association of Germany e.V. to benefit from all the advantages of an HBSA membership.

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Who can become a member HBS Association of Germany e.V.?

You must be an Alumnus of Harvard Business School to join our community.


I forgot my password. What can I do?

Whenever you click the "Login" Button with incorrect login data, you will find a "Forgot password?" link on the "Login" page, below the login form. Click this link...!
Remember to use your LEFA e-mail address by which you have been registered, since other e-mails will not be accepted.



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I'd like to make photo prints from digital pictures featured here. How can I do that?

As a member, you will have access to our event galleries in the members area of this website.
To save pictures for photo prints, left-click on an image to see it in its original size with a higher resolution.
Now right-klick the resized picture in the new window and choose "Save picture as..." to save the image on your harddisk.

Note that the resolution might not always be high enough for quality photo prints. Please ask your photo print expert if in doubt.

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The newsletter is not displayed correctly in my e-mail software. What can I do?

1. If you have similar problems with newsletters from other sources, please...

verify if...

  • your Firewall or Antivirus software is blocking parts of the e-mail (e.g. pictures are not shown) and/or
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In most of all e-mail programs you will find in a "settings" menu an option that sounds similar to "read or receive only text-based e-mails instead of HTML". As our newsletters contain both, HTML-based newsletters with pictures as well as simple Plain Text, in the same e-mail, try to change this option in your e-mail program.

2. If you did not solve the problem, please send the following required information to webmaster @

  • brief description of your problem
  • do you have similar problems with newsletters from other sources? 
  • your e-mail software (e.g. Outlook or Outlook Express)
  • your operating system and version (e.g. Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP or Mac) 
  • name and version of firewall and/or antivirus software (if you use any)
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We will try to verify your problem or help you with further information.


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